Sales Data, Meet Reality
The fastest way to understand what’s keeping your company from converting more deals to revenue

Our Salesforce application learns the tendencies of your team, assigns highly actionable personas for coaching, and finds triggers for higher conversion — instantly.


We Help Companies

Make downstream AI, analytics smarter

Improve sales analytics, existing apps with good data in, good data out.

Sales Ops

Build a more productive, disciplined team

Improve by understanding tendencies by territory, team, and rep.

Sales Management

Focus on, close the deals that matter

See gaps in sales qualification, drive resources towards attainment.

Sales Reps

Why It Matters

Hit forecasts, increase revenue

We pinpoint gaps in sales qualification that create false pipeline, which misdirects focus, resources, and executive sponsorship away from deals that matter most to the business.

Manage qualified pipeline with less effort, more focus.
Qualification increases chances of quota attainment, accelerators.
Sales Reps
Easily build trust around key metrics and downstream AI.
Sales Ops
Qualified pipeline increases ability to execute against forecasts.

Maximize deals hidden from view

We uncover active deals hidden from the pipeline that otherwise can't be managed, maximized, or coached to success.

Manage, assign resources to deals previously hidden from pipeline.
Get the most effective coaching to land, renew, or expand deals.
Sales Reps
Increase the accuracy of quarterly, monthly planning.
Sales Ops
Learn, retain insights for reps and teams, even after managers move on.

How We Work

Turn bad data into closed deals

Across companies, 90% of pipeline data is bad data, due to gaps in sales qualification or hidden deals. We use bad data as the spotlight that reveals gaps in sales execution, the exact areas where your team can improve qualification and convert more deals.